About Us

     Parma Farm Nature was born with the aim of producing and selling food

complementary for dogs.


     Since 2013, Soatrade has been involved in organizing the entire chain of ham waste destined for Petfood producers.

Subsequently we became suppliers of raw materials for the transformation of animal meal for the producers of PETFOOD and we have obtained the certification both for the high protein content porcine species (up to 75-80%) and for the ham flours.


     In 2015 we built the first manufacturing facility for pet snacks in the heart of Parma's Food Valley.


     In 2017, thanks to the increasingly demanding demand of Pet food customers, we have included a research and development office in the company to create new types of natural and functional, appetizing and fun snacks, which also stimulate the chewing and dental hygiene of the our 4-legged friends. Parma Farm Nature was founded with the aim of producing and selling complementary foods for dogs.


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