Bones of Ham


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It helps the natural exercise of chewing. Dogs love to chew ham bone, because it is rich in bits of meat.

Bones as soon as you leave the butcher shop thanks to the freshness-saving package.

The original ham bone is a natural product of pork.



The bones are suitable only as a snack and are not a substitute for food. Put fresh water at the dog's disposal. Do not expose the package to sources of heat, store in a cool and dry place, monitor and check that the bone is not always intact to prevent the dog from ingesting small pieces, dangerous to his health, then replace it with a new one. Consume immediately after opening the package. To be consumed within 18 months from the date of production.


Please note: it is a 100% natural and sterilized product, the dimensions and weights may vary.

This snack is suitable for dogs over 10 months.



Ham bone (100% pork), minerals.


Additives: none


Analytical components:

Raw protein 30%

Raw oils and fats 26%

25% raw ash

1% Carbohydrates

Humidity 18%

Val. energy: Kcal 354


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