Love for the dog

Love for the environment

Your dog’s health

Parmafarm Nature was born from the idea of producing and selling complementary foods for dogs. It is responsible for organizing the entire supply chain of selected raw materials, of animal origin, intended for pet food producers.

We built the first production plant for pet snacks in the heart of Parma’s Food Valley. Thanks to the increasingly demanding demand of Pet food customers, we have carried out in-depth research to improve the palatability and functionality of the product, in order to stimulate the chewing and dental hygiene of our furry friends.

Constant research and innovation help to guarantee the quality of our products

Parmafarm Nature was born with the objective to produce food, exclusively,
for our four-legged friends!

Parmafarm Srl
Via Argini sud, 3/G
43029 Traversetolo
Parma – Italia
P.IVA 02954200347
Rea PR – 280042
Tel. +39 0521 892066
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