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Our raw materials are destined, after careful care, transformation and selection of suppliers, for pet food. The various procedures guarantee, as per veterinary analyses, the quality of the product. Our agri-food supply chain contributes to the production of the final good. We start from the raw materials and continue up to the delivery of the product to the final consumer.

Our cold chain starts from the producer, ensuring the right conservation temperature of the products in the production and transport phase, and then passes through the storage phase in our refrigerated cells and continues to your freezers and refrigerators. This supply chain control guarantees quality to the end customer, as for correct information on the product, we comply with EU Regulation 767/2009 which establishes the rules for placing food on the market for our furry friends including the indications relating to wrapping, labelling, packaging and presentation.




Our products are 100% natural and made in Italy and the raw materials come exclusively from the FOOD VALLEY of Parma

Our mission is to guarantee the freshness of each product. We collect the raw material from the ham factories within a 10 km radius, we process it and package it within the day. Our short supply chain makes the difference on QUALITY.

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tons of protein meals for pet food

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