Our commitment: healthy raw materials,
nutritional quality, environmental sustainability

Parmafarm Nature pays great attention to raw materials and selects them through
specific parameters: from the consolidated competence of those responsible for the legislative regulations currently in force, which safeguard the integrity and healthiness of the product. The raw materials used are of origin: Poultry-Swine-Bovine-Sheep-Rawler-Fish and Game.

Game meat quality management is an important aspect of the food production process and can impact the safety and quality of the final product. Aspects to consider include slaughter procedures and animal health aspects that could affect the quality and safety of meat, transport and treatment of carcasses. Parmafarm nature is very attentive to these aspects, precisely because it always aims for excellence. Wild game meat has a higher level of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially Omega-3 and Omega-6. Consuming Omega-3 is especially important in dog diets, as their bodies are unable to produce this type of fatty acid.

Therefore, it is essential to incorporate it through food. Wild game contains high levels of iron, zinc, phosphorus and copper. In wild animals, iron is one of the most concentrated minerals in their muscle tissue. In this sense, iron is a vital mineral for the proper functioning of dog cells. In fact, it is essential for the transport of oxygen, for the synthesis of genetic material and for energy metabolism.

The quality of the beef we use for our products depends on several factors that must be managed along the entire supply chain. To produce more sustainable and safe beef, we are committed to improving supply chain efficiency and data quality. Beef has a low intake of omega 6/omega 3 fatty acids. A low content of omega 6 fatty acids maintains the general well-being of the dog and a good intake of omega 3 fatty acids keeps the heart and circulatory system in shape. At every stage of the dog’s life, beef should never be missing because it contains proteins and essential amino acids of the highest quality which, among other things, will help improve his general state of health by guaranteeing strong immune defenses. Our four-legged friends are the fundamental point of reference: a satisfied puppy makes his owner and us happy!

The nutritional value of pork depends on numerous factors that concern the entire production chain. The attributes that define the quality of pork include: organoleptic properties, nutritional value, technological properties (i.e., the ability to be handled and preserved), practicality and processing flexibility. Pork brings several benefits to your dog’s body. Of course, it is more caloric, but this is not always a bad thing: think of very active dogs, or underweight ones. For them, more nutritious meat is the best choice! Even in case of lack of appetite it is formidable: its taste is difficult to beat and meets even the most demanding palates. Let us therefore summarize the characteristics and benefits of pork: it is nutritious and tasty, it is a source of minerals (iron and selenium), it contains group B vitamins, rhetin and taurine. These are the prerogatives for producing top-quality dog food.

Sheep meat has an important global value. Its consistency and composition depend on the different production systems used. Sheep fat is a valuable source of essential fatty acids, necessary for the dog’s overall health. MAIN FEATURES: Hypoallergenic and highly tolerable: suitable for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. High palatability: sheep fat is very tasty and appetizing for our four-legged friend. In addition to containing the right amounts of dietary fat, sheep meat is also rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Among other things, omega-3 fatty acids will improve your dog’s heart health, joint function, and the health of your best friend’s skin and coat.

Rabbit meat is part of the white meat category, together with poultry. White meat is rich in noble proteins (essential for the body, for example, to renew tissues and the formation of hormones, enzymes, antibodies) and branched chain amino acids (useful in muscle metabolism and in promoting the elimination of toxins that are done when our four-legged friend carries out intense athletic work). Furthermore, the few fats present are mainly polyunsaturated (linoleic and linolenic acid) and contain very little cholesterol. They are a source of B vitamins, such as vitamin B12, which do not decrease during cooking, and minerals, such as selenium and iron. Our tunnel products guarantee high quality and unique organoleptic characteristics.

Poultry meat is rich in proteins and high biological value and amino acids. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), one boneless skinless chicken breast (100 grams) contains approximately 31 grams of protein. It has a low fat content, mainly represented by polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acid) and cholesterol. Chicken is therefore able to boost immune defenses, thanks to its essential amino acids and water-soluble B vitamins (such as niacin and vitamin B6, which are important for the health of the heart and nervous system of our best friend). It is rich in minerals such as iron, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium which are present not only in meat, but also in bones, skin and cartilage.

Fish meat is an excellent source of proteins, which are defined as peptides of high biological value, as they contain a mapping of essential amino acids (AAE) very similar to that of human proteins which are necessary for our dog. Fish contains important vitamins, in particular vitamin A, vitamins B6 and B 12 and vitamin D and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron, a mix of substances essential for the well-being of our four-legged friend. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which veterinarians say may have health benefits for dogs. Fish is also a good alternative for dogs with food allergies to more common ingredients, such as chicken. Here are the benefits of including fish in your dog’s diet: healthy and resistant coat, stronger joints, better immune system, reduction of allergies and improvement of vision. Your furry baby will have beneficial effects.

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