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Our mission is to take care of the health of your four-legged friend

The main ingredients
of our products… Transparency & Quality

Our company stands out for the quality of the ingredients used. They are carefully selected to guarantee a tasty and healthy food for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Therefore, our goal is to reduce the environmental impact with our production. By using eco-friendly materials, we reduce waste.

Raw Materials

Parmafarm Nature excels for the use of healthy meats with a high nutritional value, the commitment to the environment, the passion for the well-being of dogs and the attention to innovation. Our raw materials are selected with extreme care and the production chain is monitored with great attention.

Traceability and expertise


Parmafarm offers a range of products for the health and nutrition of our four-legged friends. We are always looking for the best quality which is worked with knowledge and passion. Our products are subjected to diversified thermal and production treatments. For you, we create and supply Private Labels.


Attention to the environment and the quality of raw materials are fundamental for the well-being of our furry babies. The products we market and produce are safe and nutritionally balanced to meet their needs. We scrupulously follow the recommendations provided by the European Federation of the Pet Food Industry. Furthermore, we comply with the rules that European law establishes for labelling, in order to provide adequate information to consumers.


Logistics is an important component of our company, we are able to ensure a high level of protection along the entire supply chain, giving guarantee and security for those who choose to carry out quality transport while preserving the well-being of our four-legged friends. Our animal food shipments are therefore carried out in compliance with all the safety procedures required by implementing procedures based on risk analysis and control of critical points (HACCP).


Healthy & Tasty food, suitable for their nutritional needs

Crunch Pork Chips

Feeding our four-legged friends is our priority. We provide you with high quality pet food for their happiness and health! We stand out for our respect for the environment and the well-being of your dog.

Our four-legged friends!

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